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Banner That's My Bush! is the creation of Trey Parker and Matt Stone. It is a sitcom that more than anything else parodies sitcoms. It takes place in The White House, under the reign of George W. Bush. 8 episodes were made in the first season, after which the show was cancelled.

101 - An Aborted Dinner Date

Airdate: 04-Apr-2001

Screensthot from episode 101. George learns his dinner date with Laura and a dinner to unite both sides of an abortion issue are scheduled at the same time. Larry tells him he should hold both simultaneously, which he manages to do for the most part, until Laura wants to have sex in the dining room and is caught naked when everyone from the abortion issue are in the main room of the White House.

102 - A Poorly Executed Plan

Airdate: 11-Apr-2001

Screensthot from episode 101. George's college buddies return and make a mess of the White House. George wants to throw them out, but they say he has changed. To show them he hasn't changed, he hires an improv comedy troupe to stage a fake execution to bring them to. But, what George thinks is a fake execution turns out to be real.

103 - Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Murder

Airdate: 18-Apr-2001

Screensthot from episode 101. George finds out that Laura has been calling a psychic named Ms. Clea. After listening to her once, George also becomes hooks on telepsychics. Later, she tells him that he will be killed. He then becomes paranoid and Larry persuades him to ban guns from America. The NRA protests outside the White House, and Charlton Heston comes to talk to the president. Later, George invites Larry, Laura, Maggie, Karl, Princess, and Charleton Heston to dinner, where he tries to figure out who wants to kill him, and almost gets killed by his own guardbear.

104 - S. D. I-Aye-AYE!

Airdate: 25-Apr-2001

Screensthot from episode 101. George gets frustrated when he can't get a cable hookup, so he turns to Larry who gets him an ilegal hookup. The "S.D.I. System" in the White House sends a missile to Austria. The president of Austria and two of his assistants break into the white house to destroy Washington D.C. Meanwhile, Princess buys pills over the Internet she thinks will make her smarter, but which make her breasts larger.

105 - The First Lady's Persqueeter

Airdate: 02-May-2001

Screensthot from episode 101. George is tired of Laura's cat who makes the White House smell bad and who leaves hair everywhere. Thinking that George thinks that Laura is the problem, her and Maggie see tribe of Indians to cleanse her. Meanwhile, George breaks Jack Kevorkian out of prison to help kill the cat. In the end, the cat explodes,and the police come to search the White House and arrest Laura.

106 - Mom 'E' D. E. A. Arrest

Airdate: 09-May-2001

Screensthot from episode 101. The arrest of the one-millionth drug offender is taking place. George's mom comes to visit, but Laura doesn't want her in the ceremony. George's mom refuses to be in the ceremony after hearing that Laura wants to be part of it. Meanwhile, George accidentaly takes ecstacy, instead of an aspirin, for his headache. He tells Princess to lock him in a room and never let him come out, but tricks Princess into letting him out. At the ceremony, Laura tells everyone that George had to leave, although while he is high he walks right into the middle of the ceremony. Then he decides the party is boring and turns it into a rave. Then, Laura finally stands up to Mrs. Bush.

107 - Trapped in a Small Environment

Airdate: 16-May-2001

Screensthot from episode 101. George and Laura set Karl up with a woman, ignorant of his 25-year marriage as protests start when George Bush decides to drill for oil in Alaska. Karl's wife comes to the White House and blames Laura for ruining her marriage. Throughout the episode, differences are settled by George/Larry, Laura/Mrs. Rove, Karl/Maggie, George/Maggie, Laura/Herself, Larry/Karl, George/Karl, Princess/Kanooknook, and Karl and his wife.

108 - Fare Thee Welfare

Airdate: 23-May-2001

Screensthot from episode 101. George is forced to resign, and Dick Chaney becomes president. George gets a small, trashy apartment in a trashy city somewhere downtown. Maggie also gets fired, and ends up moving in with them. George gets several jobs: A teacher, a bartender, a job at a magazine, and a career as a wrestler under the name "The Mysterious Loser."
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